Our Environmental Disinfection Protocols are effective against a wide array of microbes. Our process is designed to offer durable SURFACE microbiostatic protection for up to 30 days between treatments in most environments. We provide services using only EPA Registered products.

Our Mission

To provide proven technologies and comprehensive treatment protocols that address biological contaminates and disease-causing pathogens in every environment that we are exposed to in our daily lives.

The medEclean difference

We utilize a multifaceted approach consisting of the following components:

Building Science and System Engineering

Durable Antimicrobial Surface Protection

Indoor Air Purification Technologies

Environmental Cleaning protocols

medEclean Inc services the entire range of municipal facilities with custom-tailored options for each. From day cares and high schools to police stations and courtrooms, our treatments offer what is needed to keep these sites up and running. As long as there is foot traffic and human interaction in these buildings, our protocols will keep them running safe and at capacity with little to no downtime.

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We offer a wide range of services and product options that are to each client’s needs. Our team designs custom treatment options to address each customer’s concerns. The protocols we construct are safe for staff and customers in high-traffic business settings that require constant personal interaction in close spaces. Our solutions effective enough to use in sports complexes and safe enough for use on sophisticated and delicate electronic devices.

The types of businesses we treat includes many that fall under healthcare and medical, beauty, sports and leisure, and many under the hospitality moniker. Among these businesses, you’ll find coop spaces, hair salons, hospitals, gyms and studios, restaurants, and places of worship.

Nothing is more important to you or to us than your home’s comfort and safety. Germs brought home by young ones can now be greatly reduced and you will spend fewer hours disinfecting allowing for more quality time with your family in a safe, healthy environment. Keeping your home safe and free of excess germs is your number one priority. With medEclean, we not only make it possible but a reality. Our residential custom treatment plan keeps families healthy and thriving.

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